Career Criminal Duct Tapes His Great-Grandmother to Chair, Beats Her to Death After Stealing Her Money

Gary Bias is facing murder charges after brutally beating his 82-year-old great-grandmother to death.

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Twenty-three-year-old Gary Bias is facing charges of both murder and attempted murder after brutally beating his 82-year-old great-grandmother Ella-Nae Bias to death and assaulting his mother, according to the New York Daily News

Bias, who has reportedly been arrested 16 times—including last November, when he assaulted his 42-year-old stepfather with a mini-baseball bat—entered his great-grandmother's apartment on East 4th Street at around 1:30 Friday afternoon and duct-taped her to a chair. He then proceeded to beat her face and chest, but not before covering her mouth and shoving her head against the floor, according to the Daily News.

He then called his mother from the woman's apartment, telling her that her grandmother wanted to see her. When his mother came to the apartment, he tied her wrists together and beat her, too. The mother was able to escape and call police.

Per the Daily News, Bias was trying to get money and clothes from his great-grandmother. It wasn't the first time.

“Every month when she would get her Social Security check he would pressure her for money,” the woman's 49-year-old neighbor, Jorge Guzman, told the Daily News. “Every time the check comes, the 1st, I would hear the arguments. I would hear him come outside ranting and raving. I didn’t think he would [kill her].”

One of Bias's grandsons, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she “lived her whole life in that apartment ... she had all of her kids there and looked after her grandkids there. She was the main branch of the family.”

"It's a sad situation, I just want to cry and scream,” one of the woman’s neighbors, who requested to remain anonymous, also told the Daily News. “It's so unbelievable for a grandson to kill his grandmother. When you're 82 years old, how can you defend yourself from your own blood?"

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