Man Tripping on Acid Tries to Save Neighbor's Dog From Imaginary Fire

A man high on LSD and cough syrup broke into his neighbor's house to rescue their dog from an imaginary fire.

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Even when he was high on LSD and cough syrup, Inglewood, New York resident Michael Orchard, 43, was looking out for his neighbor's dog.

Local news station WNYT reports that Orchard took a combination of drugs earlier this week that lead him to hallucinate his neighbor's house had caught on fire and was burning down. So Orchard drove his SUV through the family's fence, broke into their house, tracked down their large white dog, and stood "heroically" with the dog in his arms "outside of what he thought was a giant inferno."

"He believed that the residence was on fire and he was rescuing the dog," state trooper spokesperson Mark Cepiel told WNYT. Neighbors reportedly told WNYT that "Orchard went around the neighborhood banging on doors yelling about a fire ... no one would help, because there was no fire.​"

WNYT further reports,

The animal lover took matters into his own hands to save the dog, allegedly driving his black BMW sedan through the fence. Troopers say once Orchard got through this fence with his vehicle, he got out, went up to the back door, smashed through it and went inside to save the family's large white dog.

Also per WNYT, Orchard was booked in the county jail with a $15,000 bail, charged with second degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief. He wasn't hit with drug charges because none were found in his possession, but neighbors told WNYT that he's damaged neighborhood property in the past.

The neighbor's dog was, for the record, unharmed.

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