Amtrak Responds to Woman Stuck in an Elevator—7 Months Later

Amtrak is getting roasted on Twitter for responding to a woman stuck in an elevator seven months later.

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One of life's greatest pleasures is watching companies take down Twitter trolls with a single tweet. But on Wednesday, Amtrak found itself on the receiving end of some digital vitriol, stemming from an inappropriately-timed tweet to rider Amanda Carpenter, who got stuck in an Amtrak elevator at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

In February.

We are sorry to hear that. Are you still in the elevator?

— Amtrak (@Amtrak) September 7, 2016

Amtrak's Twitter account fired off a response to Carpenter Wednesday afternoon, asking her if she made it out alright. Here's to hoping she did, because it's been nearly seven months since she got stuck.

Someone just re-tweeted it. Wanted to make sure. Glad you're out :)

— Amtrak (@Amtrak) September 7, 2016

Intentions were good; timing was not. Carpenter was amused; Amtrak was properly shamed.

@amandacarpenter BWI agents are aware of you, and are working to get you out.

— Amtrak (@Amtrak) February 14, 2016

The company did respond to her request back in February, assuring her airport officials were aware of her situation and were coming to assist.

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