TikToker Claims ‘Random Man in Atlanta’ Posted Revenge Porn After She Got Back With Absentee Father

The woman and the father of her child went viral last year after she and half a dozen other women exposed him for being a deadbeat.

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TikTok personality Morgan Bailey is back and now alleging the father of her child, otherwise known as the "random man in Atlanta," has posted revenge porn of her.

On Thursday, Bailey shared a post on her TikTok page where she claimed the father of her child posted salacious footage of her without her consent. According to Bailey's post, she linked back up with the "random man in Atlanta," and an intimate moment between them turned into him filming and sharing the content online. Bailey advised her viewers to believe when "somebody shows you who they are" to then do your best to exit the situation.

"My child's father posted revenge porn of me last night and honestly, I don't think any of us are surprised because this should be a major lesson for everybody on here. Whether you hate me or not, when somebody shows you who they are, literally just believe them, you'll save yourself a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of energy," Bailey said. 

From there, Bailey went on a lengthy speech denouncing anyone that supports revenge porn and how she's more concerned about the well-being of her child rather than what people on social media feel about her decision to spin the block with the "random man in Atlanta." However, she continued to remind her followers to be aware when people show their true colors while also criticizing those who are trying to "coochie monitor" her.

"I'm a grown woman, and I say wholeheartedly that whoever somebody's sleeping with has never bothered me," she said. "So the fact that people wanna know, that wanna coochie monitor me so bad is like beyond me because I have a kid with this person, contrary to belief, I've never been a ho I've never been anything like that. I have probably the lowest body count that a 24-year-old can possibly have. I think it's very normal to spin the block on somebody and give them another chance."

She added, "At least just remember this one thing when somebody shows you who you are, you let them run far away from them and you never give them another chance. This video is not ready for any sympathy or anything like that. It's just simply being the bigger person and growing up and realizing that some people just take stuff too far. The whole situation is just dead to me." 

Bailey and the "random man in Atlanta" went viral last year when she exposed him for being a deadbeat dad, which led to half-a-dozen other women to step up and claim he fathered their children. 

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