Man Clinging to Rock Face After Falling Off Cliff Gets Rescued by Helicopter, Video Shows

The man fell down 50 feet from a cliff and hung on to a gravel rock face until help arrived.

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A man was rescued after he fell from a cliff and hung for his life on a mountainside in California.

On Sunday night, deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office made a daring rescue after the man fell off a cliff in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The man was hanging onto a gravel rock face 50-60 feet down from the Battery Alexander trail.

According to the sheriff's office, the Southern Marin Fire District requested the Henry-1 helicopter crew around 7:40 p.m., and they found the man through thermal imaging cameras. After the helicopter landed, a tactical flight officer placed the man into a rescue device and they were brought to the top of the cliff, and met with fire personnel for medical evaluation.

"Hey, don't let go, man! Don't let go, OK?" the rescuer can be heard saying in the video. "I got you, brother."

The Southern Marin Fire District also stated the man managed to walk out of the harrowing affair with minor scrapes and bruises. Officials have not revealed why the man was hiking at that time.

A hiker in Tennessee didn't have the same luck this week when Signal Mountain authorities announced a rescue mission became a recovery mission after a woman was found dead. The Signal Mountain Police and Fire Department initially said a rope rescue mission was underway at Signal Point up until they found the hiker's body. 

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