Video Shows Student Violently Tackle Anti-Trump Protester at Ohio State University

A student violently blindsided an anti-Trump protester who was speaking at Ohio State University.

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At an anti-Donald Trump protest at Ohio State University, a student viciously blindsided an anti-Trump protester who was speaking on a stair case in the Ohio Union. Watch the scary tackle above.

According to Ohio State’s student newspaper The Lantern, the protester, Timothy Adams, was standing on the steps leading to the second floor of the Ohio Union when he was trucked from behind and knocked to the ground by student Shane Michael Stanton. Adams' bullhorn and glasses shattered when he hit the ground.

Other protesters quickly broke into violence, with at least one person shoved and punching Stanton, before other protesters and police officers broke it up.

Then, Adams stood up and made the crowd laugh and cheer by asking, "Can I finish my speech now?" 

The attack occurred shortly after 5 p.m.

Stanton has been arrested and placed under indefinite suspension from Ohio State.

"I think, if anything, tonight shows that we really need to bring people into social movements, bring people into social organizations and to come out for each other and stand up for each other,” Adams told The Lantern. "Ultimately, coming together is the only thing that’s going to stop any kind of violence."

Gerard Basalla, the Undergraduate Student Government president, told The Lantern, "The assault that occurred — that’s what it was — in the Union tonight is completely unacceptable." He continued, "Every person on this campus has the right to feel safe and voice their opinion without fearing harm. We can’t be having this."

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