Kangaroo That Escaped Oshawa Zoo Punched Police Officer

The kangaroo was found safe, but one police officer walked away with minor injuries.

Raymond Boyd / Getty Images

After three days of extensive searches, Durham police have captured the kangaroo that escaped from the Oshawa Zoo.

According to CTV News, police caught the kangaroo in the early morning in the same location it had been initially spotted on Friday.

After a brief assessment, the kangaroo didn't seem to be injured. It will be further evaluated upon return to the zoo.

The kangaroo first escaped on Thursday night following its initial arrival in Oshawa. It was supposed to only stay at the zoo for one night before making its way to a different zoo in Quebec.

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The incident happened when the handlers tried to move it from a transport truck.

"[It] jumped over their heads," a zoo employee said to CP24.

During the marsupial's apprehension on Monday morning, one officer sustained minor injuries.

The Toronto Zoo and World Animal Protection Canada issued a joint statement detailing the incident involving the Oshawa Zoo.

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“These recent incidents highlight the major gaps in laws and regulations of captive wildlife animals," said Michèle Hamers, Wildlife Campaign Manager for World Animal Protection Canada. "Because there is no oversight, we have no idea where this kangaroo came from, whether the animal was transported in suitable conditions, the vaccination status of the animal, or any requirements for facilities accepting the animal, even temporarily."

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