The Internet Reacts To Barrie Police's Picture Of Confiscated Items

The picture showed a collection of sunglasses, a utility knife, and $15 in cash, among other generic items.

Mike Carroccetto / Getty Images

On Nov. 18, Barrie Police tweeted a photo of a slew of items it had apparently confiscated from someone without any context.

The picture showed three pairs of sunglasses, a bottle of Versace cologne, a Visa debit card, two pairs of Apple Airpods, a utility knife, a lighter, and three five-dollar bills.

Given the random assortment of items and the fact that the Barrie Police did not write anything to go along with it, the photo became an immediate meme.

One of the most viral quote tweets explained the situation and then congratulated the police force for "emptying out the glove compartment of a 17-year-old's 2006 Ford Fiesta."

This is the funniest one of these I've ever seen. The dollar amount. The selection of items. Just posting this image with no caption or context and immediately limiting replies. Thank you for emptying out the glove compartment of a 17 year-old's 2006 Ford Fiesta

— Respectful Niceperson (@warmandpunchy) November 19, 2023
Twitter: @warmandpunchy

The jokes continued with someone jokingly misquoted a meme of Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, who spoke about the difficulties of living in the country on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

in ontario you can only have two pairs of sunglasses. if you have a third pair the police arrest you. and they take fifteen dollars from you

— sorrel (@sorrelquest) November 19, 2023
Twitter: @sorrelquest

One Twitter user said the "Barrie Police robbed a loser" while others congratulated the police "for keeping the streets safe by mugging a teenager."

Some people had their eyes on the debit card and asked the account for the security code.

Whats the security code on that card @BarriePolice

— Hopper 🐰 (@ed_hop) November 19, 2023
Twitter: @ed_hop

Someone else seemed to be slightly concerned by the posting of the debit card number and pleaded to its owner to deactivate it before people could guess the security code.

And if you’re the owner of the debit card, hopefully you’ve deactivated it. Because the flatfeet at the @BarriePolice seem to be inviting the theft of your identity.

— Lloyd Davis (@ldaviseditor) November 19, 2023
Twitter: @ldaviseditor

An ex-Barrie resident wrote about their experience with the city's police force and how "juvenile" they were when they lived there.

I used to live in Barrie and was regularly harassed by the police, and they are some of the most juvenile cops I’ve ever come across. So this post is very on point for Barrie police cruising down Dunlop street, harassing teenagers at 1am on a Saturday night.

— alcontent🇵🇸 (@alcontent416) November 19, 2023
Twitter: @alcontent416

After the tweet amassed over 3,200 quote tweets and 12 million views, Barrie Police deleted it.

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