Fake Google Maps Trail Gets Hiker Stranded On Cliff

Google Maps had reportedly mapped out a path where there was no visible trail.

Andrew Chin / Getty Images

North Shore Rescue, a volunteer community-based search and rescue team, recovered a stranded Canadian who followed a misleading trail on Google Maps on a mountain in British Columbia.

The New York Post found that the rescue team posted on Facebook and explained that the man had been climbing Mt. Fromme north of Vancouver, and, in an attempt to reach the summit, followed a trail on Google Maps that led him to be stranded on a cliff.

"To be clear, the area in question has no trails and is very steep with many cliff bands throughout [...]" North Shore Rescue wrote on Facebook. "The area is clearly dangerous, as it was the sight of a previous fatality."

The team dispatched a helicopter which was able to locate where the man had been stranded by getting close to his position.

"Due to the dense tree canopy (and since the individual did not have any light), he could not be spotted from the air," the post explained. "A team of two helicopter rescue technicians was inserted by hoist approximately 100m below where we believed the individual was stranded (the low clouds prevented the helicopter from getting any higher), and they carefully made their way through the terrain on a roped belay."

Following the search and rescue mission, North Shore Rescue said that Google had deleted the non-existent trail from its Maps app.

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