Riders Covered in Blood After Bird Collides With Roller Coaster at Canada's Wonderland

A roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland collided with a bird during a routine trip and subsequently exploded all over the guests seated in the front row.

leviathan roller coaster at wonderland

leviathan roller coaster at wonderland

leviathan roller coaster at wonderland

A few visitors at Canada’s Wonderland had a rough day at the amusement park.

During what should have been a routine ride on the Leviathan roller coaster, people seated in the front row found themselves with blood and feathers all over. When the roller coaster made its way to the peak of one of the loops, it collided with a bird, which exploded all over the guests.

“I looked down and saw blood and my hands and my face,” Toronto man Hubert Hsu said to CTV News. “There was a feather on my hand, and feathers on the girl next to me’s shirt,” he said. “It seemed like the coaster car hit the bird and then it sort of exploded on us.”

No one at Canada’s Wonderland ever figured out what happened to the bird but confirmed that it had received reports from the guests involved.

People on Twitter were quick to comment on the bizarre story.

One user likened the situation to an important moment in baseball when the ex-Expo pitcher Randy Johnson made a bird explode after it collided with a fastball headed toward the batter.

Another person said the incident is yet another reason they wouldn’t renew their pass.

Some questioned the bird’s unknown status, saying they were pretty sure they know what happened.

Last week, riders were stuck on another roller coaster at the park for 45 minutes.

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