Shocking Video Shows Burger King Employees Beating and Tasing Racist Customer

Employees at a Burger King in Houston beat and tasered a customer who used the n-word in their store.

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You probably read the headline for this post and assumed I'd make some reference to a Whopper or "having it your way," right? Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just going to give you the straight poop on this awkward Burger King altercation, which involved a white customer using the n-word while rocking a boot and getting tasered way after the fact.

As you can see in the video, we see the customer, who appeared to be inebriated, going ham on a Burger King. He cursed at employees—at one point he said something to the effect of "spray that sh*t, n*gger"—and he knocked over cash registers, while being a major pain in the ass. Why? Who knows. One eyewitness told ABC 13 that the man was pepper-sprayed by an employee on another occasion at the same location, but that didn't seem to deter his rage.

At one point during the confrontation with BK employees, the customer stepped to one of the employees and fucked him up by shoving him. The employee wasted no time in clocking the man with a right before squaring up to hit him with another blow, which caused the customer to slip and fall down. Another employee then started standing on the belligerent guy's neck and head in what appeared to be an effort to calm him down. And this is the point where shit went left.

Now, I am all for protecting oneself at all times. And while I'm not sure how this female employee was involved in the altercation, she seemed to come in at the 11th hour just to break in her taser, which she used on the belligerent guy repeatedly. It felt unnecessary, as he had already gotten rocked quite a few times.

The wild shit is I wouldn't be surprised if this guy came back to the Burger King to wreak even more havoc. As of now, there's no word on if he was arrested or vowed to never set foot in that Burger King again. But would you let a little unnecessary tasing deter your Whopper cravings? Didn't think so.

And just as a P.S. to all wannabe cellphone cinematographers: film this ratchet shit horizontally, not vertically. Thanks.

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