#StrandedBae, Who Got Ghosted With All Of Twitter Watching, Explains Her Side Of The Story

The girl who made waves on Twitter dishes on everything from her missed flight, the other woman, and if she's actually done with the man who left her #stra

It's not every day that you get to interview #StrandedBae. Hell, it's not every day a saga like #StrandedBae hits Twitter. For those who weren't glued to this tale earlier this week, #StrandedBae told us a story about two people, Aaron and M'Kalia, who linked up in D.C. for a Valentine's Day extravaganza that turned into a wild account of Snapchat flicks, missed flights, an interesting t-shirt, and a mouse running across the floor. People chose sides, gave receipts, and even made parody accounts for the mouse. Sometimes, Twitter does the most; this time was no exception, but we got a story that was almost as involved as Zola's tall tale.

Either way, M'Kalia reached out to Complex to tell her side of the story. After a quick back-and-forth, I hopped on the phone with her to shed some light on everything: if she was actually evicted, if that was her mom snapping on Twitter, and her thoughts on the whole #StrandedBae phenomenon. Here she is, in her own words:

On how long she'd actually been in a relationship with Aaron
It would've been three months on the tenth of March. This was the first time that we had met in person; he's in the military, so, he travels a lot and he lives all the way in DC while I live in Houston.

On why she made her thread in the first place
When I got back to Houston, I was still trying figure out why he did what he did. At this time, in my mind, I'm like okay ... this is just a fight, you know? Like, this is not a complete breakup.

[But] like, 30 seconds after I sent him a text basically telling him, "There's no love lost, I'm pretty sure what you did was out of anger, I still forgive you, I still have love for you," I get on Snapchat and he posted a pic with a female. After that, I completely lose it. [E]arlier that day, we had already gotten into a Twitter debate, but nobody really knew what we were talking about because we weren't specific [with] what we were arguing about. He would tweet little stuff that would try to pick at fight, so I'm like, "Okay." He's already brought it to Twitter, so now I'm gonna bring it to Twitter and let them know like, what's really going on. He wants to make it seem like I have no sympathy for people, I don't feel bad, people need to take responsibility for their actions.

When I made the thread, it was all out of anger. It wasn't to get attention, it wasn't [to] get people to bash him, it was simply out of anger because it was like, I was basically a girlfriend who just found out she got cheated on. I really didn't know it was gonna blow up this big.

On the thread's virality
I had little stuff that I posted on Twitter [before] that got a like three thousand retweets, but nothing has ever gotten this big, so I was just overwhelmed. I had like, 105 DMs when I woke up [that] morning. My mentions were completely—I couldn't even get on Twitter, because every time I got on, my app would just completely just freeze. It was crazy.

On what really happened with her missed flight
I'm not gonna sit up here and say, "Oh his thread was a complete lie," but there was a lot of stuff that he added in that he didn't say ... Me and this man were in a whole relationship. I flew out there Monday, the day before Valentine's Day, and I was supposed to leave Sunday.

He's in the military. [On] Saturday morning he's like, "You know babe, I have to work Sunday, ten to six, so I'm gonna leave you at home by yourself because I have to work." And I'm like, "Well I'm not gonna stay here by myself, so I might as well just go home a day early." ...

He paid for my ticket to get there, he paid for my ticket to get back ... Neither one of us knew what time the flight was supposed to leave, but he had to be at work that Saturday at five, so I'm like, "Well, it's about one o'clock now, just take me to the airport right now because I don't wanna miss the flight." ...

Before I even get to the airport, he's like, "If you end up missing your flight, I'll come back and get you. And then you can just stay at my house for the next night and then we can go back to the airport the next day."

Keep in mind, my actual day to leave was Sunday ... So, if my flight wasn't for Saturday, I didn't technically miss the flight.

Before you even go through security, you have to check your bags. Because Aaron is in the military, and he took care of my plane ticket, my bag was supposed to be free. The lady was like, "You can still get your bags free. You just have to have the person who works for the military here right with you in person." ... I call him, and I'm leaving him messages, texting him, trying to see where he is, [telling him] "Yo, I need you to come back so you can get my bags through." He never answered. By the time I even decide [that] I'm just gonna have to pay for my own bag, I miss my flight. [A]fter that point, you know, I'm still tryna get in contact with him, still tryna call him and see where he is because, as my boyfriend, if you tell me you're gonna do something, I'm gonna expect you to do it. Period.

He's not answering the phone. I don't hear from him. I don't know what's going on. At this point, I'm pretty much worried about his wellbeing because he is in the military, he was in a lot of trouble, and he was supposed to be going to jail ... I get in contact with his dad because his dad is worried. His sister's calling me. Nobody knows what's going on. I'm reaching out to his friends, [and] they're like, "Oh, we haven't heard from him. We don't know where he is. We can reach out to him."

But my problem with that is, if your plan was to just ditch me at the airport, why couldn't you have just said that? Instead of going [so] far with all of this and making it be something that it's not. You could've just said, "Ay, you know fam, I'm not coming back to get you."

On if she noticed any red flags 
Not at all, because when I first got there ... Everything was fine. There were no bad vibes, we didn't argue. Everything was perfect. It wasn't until, I wanna say, about Thursday, the video he posted of me shouting and banging on the door.

bihhh spazzing... this wasn't even at 5am.. this was from the night before when I left to go chill with my niggas... pic.twitter.com/3fUW2go0fy

About that door-banging situation...
That day, he was just acting really weird ... We had plans to go the movies and that didn't happen. So, I'm just like, "What's wrong? What's going on?" He just had a really bad attitude and the thing about him, the type of person he is—he can come off very rude at times, and I have a strong personality. 

[W]e got into an argument, and he was really aggressive. He just was getting more and more disrespectful, and I don't remember what happened, but he started, like, throwing stuff across the room. And every time I walked into the room, he followed me. So, I'm like, standing in the kitchen and he's like, screaming. He's so close to my face. Like, his lips were on my face, and he's just like, "Now I'm mad .. Now I'm gonna do the most." At this point, I'm still just like, tryna brush him off and kind of let the argument go away. [But] he starts to grab my suitcase and stuff and try to push it outside ... When I try to grab my suitcase and stuff from him, he pushes me onto the ground. 

The fight continues and he pushes me again, and my face kinda goes into the wall. At this point, I'm livid. So, I'm tryna get into the door—as the video you've seen—I'm tryna get into the door to fight him. I'm yelling at him, telling him to open the door, like "You're not about to just put your hands on me and think it's OK."

At the end of the day, I'm a woman. I never want to put myself in a situation where, you know, a man is gonna think it's okay to put his hands on me. I don't care how mad you get. It's never okay. In the video, you see me trying to get into the door because I'm so mad. I'm crying, I'm begging, I'm kicking the door. He finally opens the door and it gets physical again. At this point, he grabs his stuff and he goes outside of the apartment building where we walked into the elevator. He's telling me not to follow him, and I'm still tryna defend myself. He pushes me out the elevator. It was crazy.

@KashMoneyKanee hours later I see this... BITCHHHHHH...... BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHGHHKZKSKSJBSHSJISNSBS pic.twitter.com/YzrEHwvN66

On the other woman...
I'd never seen this girl a day in my life, but it's crazy because after all this has happened, I kind of put two and two together. The night that we got into our physical argument, he ended up leaving and not coming home that night. I had [a] really strong relationship with his younger sister, and she's like, "Aaron just posted on Snapchat."

I'm like, "What did he post?" I followed him and I didn't see it. So, at this point, I'm like, okay, clearly he went to his settings and set it where I only cannot see what he posts. And she's like, "I don't know, he's in a dorm and he's wearing a shower cap and he looks like he's there with a girl." 

I'm blowing up his phone and ... he's telling me, "Oh, I got in trouble with the guards. I'm under investigation for weed," and [he's] telling me this long story, basically making it seem like he had got in trouble with the military. At the time, he didn't know that I knew that he blocked me on Snapchat. So, now that this girl is coming out, I'm feelin' like that's probably who he was with the night he didn't come home, because when he finally did come home, he [was] smellin' like liquor—he was just a mess. A part of me believed that he really was in trouble because he just broke down crying to me. Like, "I need you, and I'm going through a lot right now, I don't know what to do." That's what just makes me so mad about this entire situation. It didn't seem like this was all, like, a stunt for him. It just didn't seem like that.

About her possibly being evicted
That is a complete lie. It's crazy; after Aaron put that in his thread, there were a lot more threads making this picture like I'm just this homeless person. When I got back to Houston, I went to my house. I slept in my bed. I went home. He painted this picture like, "She's purposely missing her flight because she wants to live with me." For one, your house is disgusting. For two, you don't keep food in your house and you have extra people living in your house. You have mice and then all his friends— it's too much for me. I work two jobs back in Houston. I'm not gonna leave my family, leave my job for something like that, see to put myself in a position like that.

Even if we still were together, I wouldn't leave Houston and go live in DC with him. The thing about it is we made plans to move in with each other. He was supposed to be moving back to Houston in August; he's initially from Houston ... We had plans to move in together, get an apartment together— everything ... So it wasn't no "Oh, she wanted to stay with me, that's why she didn't want to go home, she had nowhere to go." I'm in my house right now with my family. Perfectly fine. Not evicted.

On the parody mouse accounts, and her "mom" tweeting
Honestly, I found the mouse page very hilarious; it just made it seem like it was really was the mouse in the video talking from Twitter. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

I don't know if it was Aaron, but somebody even went as far as making a fake Twitter for my mom. My mom does not have a Twitter. My mom literally had nothing to do with it. In the beginning, I was kinda upset because I'm just like, "Wow, my mom is involved," but when I end[ed] up telling her, she thought it was funny. 

On what she wants to come from the viral #StrandeBae trend
It's actually funny because me and Court, #HurtBae, we're actually— I want to do something with her, empowering women. Trying to make something good out of the situation.

At first, I was in my feelings about it because at the end of day, I do have love for that man. I still cared about him, I didn't want it to be like this. Now I just wanna reach out to females and let them know it's not smart to just go fly out to a man that you haven't even known for almost a year. It's not smart to even depend on anybody. Just because somebody says they love you, [they] care about you, or "I'm gonna make sure you're okay"—it doesn't mean that they're obligated to do it, it doesn't mean that they're gonna do it. You just have to basically depend on yourself.

On if she's completely done with Aaron
Honestly, I will say this, I'm completely done with that man. I don't want a relationship with him. I don't want a friendship with him. But I won't sit here and stunt and be like, "Oh well if he hits me up right now wanting to talk, I'm gonna ignore it." I would talk to him, because the thing about it is that, we both had love for each other. I'm not gonna speak for him, but I will speak for myself. Anybody who I have love for, I'm gonna always have love for you. Because at some point, you gave me a reason to have love for you.

The thread was not to bash him. Like, his thread and my thread were two different situations. His thread was more of trying to talk down on me, degrade me as a woman. My thread was basically telling people what I had been through. That was two different threads. I'm not gonna sit here and bash him and talk down on him or talk about him now, because we're beefing or we made this thread, but as far as a relationship or a friendship, I don't want any of that from him, because I can't even; he just disgusts me. I can't even believe that somebody would go as far as leaving me stranded at an airport, lying about it, and then posting another female, not even a whole day before we even end our relationship, supposedly. Posting another female, then the bear that you give me for Valentine's Day, you give it to her and take a picture to basically throw it in my face, and then you get on Twitter and tell a big-ass lie and try to bash my name. Like, I just can't. I can't.

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