Police in Search of Burglar Who Wears Donald Trump Mask

Police are in search of a man who has ransacked two stores wearing a Donald Trump mask.

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Thanks to a surge in reboots and sequels like Finding Dory and Ghostbusters, adults are doing their best to stronghold those precious childhood memories. If you took a peek outside right now, you’ll probably find legions of people chasing Pokémon—some of them sporting threads from Lisa Frank’s hype new clothing line.  

So it was only a matter of time before the classic heist movie Point Break, starring Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze, made its way back into circulation via a dedicated fan. Ignoring the remake that came and went faster than Instagram banning snake emojis from Taylor Swift’s page, one man decided to update the surfer flick with one of today’s most relevant political figures—​Donald Trump.

Buxton Police are looking for an unidentified man who robbed two stores in Maine while wearing a Trump mask. Officers responded to two separate incidents in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after the suspect broke through the front glass door with a baseball bat to enter.  He reportedly stole $7,000 in cash and more than $170,000 worth of electronics. Unlike the ‘90s movie, however, he acted alone.

Those with information on the crimes have been asked to contact the Buxton Police Department.

Pro tip: If you do plan to reach out, make sure you don’t confuse this incident with the one in Las Vegas where four men committed armed robberies while donning JFK and President Obama masks

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