Man Receives 3-Year Sentence for Tattooing Penis on Woman Who Asked for Yin-Yang Sign

A man received a three-year jail sentence for tattooing a penis on a woman who asked for a yin-yang sign.

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An Austrian man just earned himself a three-year sentence for the vicious crime of giving someone the wrong tattoo. A 21-year-old woman strolled into his tattoo shop with the hopes of getting a yin-yang symbol. What she got instead was a penis permanently drawn on her body along with a popular word that begins with an "F," the Cutreported

While miscommunication often plays a part in tattoo mishaps, this is definitely not one of those situations. The woman described exactly what she was looking for and the tattoo artist even drafted up a preview, showing it to her before drawing what was supposed to be that same image on her body. Simple, right?

When she arrived home and took a peek under her fresh bandage, she then realized that he had given her something she didn’t ask for. That’s when she reported the incident to the police. If you find yourself asking why he would do such a thing, so did the authorities and his response was, "Just because."

In addition to his three-year sentence, he will also reportedly be placed in a center for "mentally abnormal offenders."

Footballer Jarvis Cooper is facing a similar tattoo shame, but the mistake is entirely on him. Earlier this year, the running back shared a pic on social media of his new tattoo depicting him carrying a football while wearing a Memphis Tigers uniform. That would have been fine had he not been granted a release from the team in May which meant also transferring schools.

Can't wait to tell these stories to them young folk❗️🏈

According to his Twitter, he is now playing for University of Central Arkansas. 

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