Suspect Appears to Throw Dog Out of Car During L.A. Police Chase

The pursuit ended in a terrifying head-on collision Pomona. The condition of the dog and everyone involved remains unclear.

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A Los Angeles-area car chase ended in a terrifying collision and several unanswered questions.

According to CBS News, the pursuit began Thursday afternoon in San Bernardino County, where Rialto police officers reportedly saw a silver pickup truck into a car wash gate. Law enforcement attempted to stop the driver at around 1:30 p.m. local time; however, the suspect refused to pull over and an extensive car chase ensued. 

After the driver got on the westbound CA-60 Freeway, the California Highway Patrol took over the chase, which eventually reached Diamond Bar and Pomona in L.A. County. Shortly after entering the latter city, the driver reportedly sideswiped another vehicle, but continued to evade the CHP while traveling upwards of 80 miles per hour. 

Several networks pointed out that a dog could be seen either falling, jumping, or being thrown from the vehicle, which caused police to swerve.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content that some readers may find disturbing.

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The suspect continued to drive recklessly through a residential area, where they ultimately with a red sedan. The head-on collision effectively brought the chase to an end, but the suspect still refused to comply with police. While the driver of the red sedan exited the vehicle and walked away from the crash, the suspect remained in the truck for at least 15 minutes.

Authorities surrounded the vehicle and eventually shot a non-lethal projectile into the truck. The suspect was then quickly pulled out of the car with a bloodied face. They were taken into custody at around 2:10 p.m. and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

CBS News reports that the driver of the red sedan was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. The condition of the suspect and the dog remain unknown.

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