Skull of Missing Man Was Found Wearing Sunglasses on a Fireplace Mantle

The skull of Junior Willie McCann, a man who had been missing since 2012, was found wearing sunglasses on the fireplace mantle of a Tennessee resident.

A skull is seen at a village cemetery in Kuban.

Image via Getty/Dimas Ardian

A skull is seen at a village cemetery in Kuban.

The skull of a man who had been missing for eight years was found on the fireplace mantle of a resident in Tennessee, Pennsylvania Live reports

District Attorney General Russell Johnson revealed in a Facebook post that the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm through DNA testing that the skull belonged to Junior Willie McCann, who had been missing since September 2012.

The man who displayed the skull, which was sporting sunglasses, in his home, told authorities that he found it in March 2019, and kept it in his possession until the Sheriff's Office was informed of its existence. After the skull was taken "into custody," investigators conducted an "extensive search" of the area where the man said he made the discovery, but no additional remains were found. They were able to reach a positive match by accessing the DNA of McCann's family members.

Johnson suspects McCann's death came at the hands of someone close to him. "Speculation and rumor has been that Junior Willie McCann was possibly killed by a family member who is now deceased as well," he wrote. Even though this is what investigators have been made to believe, they are asking anyone with information related to McCann to contact the Sheriff's Office.

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