Trump Aide Hogan Gidley Calls Trump the ‘Most Masculine Person Ever'

Gidley suspected a Fox News interviewer was questioning Trump's masculinity, so he fired back by calling him "the most masculine person ever."

Donald Trump speaks with Hogan Gidley during a meeting on the opioid epidemic.

Image via Getty/SAUL LOEB/AFP

Donald Trump speaks with Hogan Gidley during a meeting on the opioid epidemic.

Taking a page out of the Trump playbook, campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley responded to a question about Donald Trump feeling "emasculated" by the recent suspension of his beloved Twitter account by calling him "the most masculine person ever" to be in the White House. 

The bizarre assertion comes from an interview with Fox News' Bill Hemmer where the discussion surrounded the widespread social media clamps that have been put on Trump in wake of his supporters violently storming the US Capitol last week. "With the social media crackdown, does he feel emasculated?," Hemmer asked. "Especially as he heads out of office." 

"Look, I wouldn’t say emasculated," Gidley fired back. "I mean, the most masculine person ever, I think, to hold the White House is the President of the United States!"

The Cambridge Dictionary defines emasculate as "to reduce the effectiveness of something," which is an appropriate way to describe Trump's inability to have a direct, unfiltered line of communication with his 88 million followers due to Twitter suspending his account. However, Gidley perceived the question as being an attack of Trump's masculinity, and responded with a puzzling, hyperbolic claim. 

Gidley suggested Trump could look to start "his own entity" to compete with the large tech companies that he has accused of silencing him. Trump made a similar statement when he tweeted from the @POTUS Twitter account, claiming he's "negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon," but isn't ruling out "the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future."

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