German Circus Holds Cruelty-Free Show Using Holograms of Animals

All the fun of the circus without any of the guilt.

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As we grow older, our interest in the circus might begin to wane as we struggle to deal with watching a show featuring animals that may be getting wrongfully treated behind the curtains. 

Based in Germany, Circus Roncalli seems to understand this dilemma, creating a show that includes all the elements of a circus that you loved as a kid, but there’s just one huge yet groundbreaking difference—all the animals seen in their presentation are 360° 3D holographic images that are capable of filling their entire 105-foot-wide, 16-foot-deep arena. 

When Circus Roncalli started in 1971, their shows featured live animals, but their fight against animal cruelty in the entertainment industry has led them to seeking out alternative approaches. Holograms may not be enough to supplant the feeling of seeing an actual animal, but it surely beats the guilt that can come with observing the traditional circus.

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