Carlee Russell Googled Movie 'Taken' and '1-Way Bus Ticket' Before Disappearance, Police 'Unable to Verify' Kidnapping

The Alabama woman allegedly went missing after abandoning her car on a highway to check on a child, then returned home on foot two days later.

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The U.S. Secret Service shared a number of Google searches from a phone which allegedly belonged to Alabama's Carlee Russell, as they try to figure out what happened in the 49 hours she went missing last week.

According to WVTM, Russell's search history included "how to take money from a register without being caught," "you have to pay for an amber alert or search," "Birmingham bus station," "one-way bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville," and the Liam Neeson movie Taken.

Russell was driving home when she allegedly saw a toddler wandering on the highway. She called 911 to report what she had seen before stopping her car to check on the young child. Russell also contacted a family member, but the connection was lost midway through the call.

Russell returned home on foot Saturday night after she had been missing for two days. She spoke with authorities that night, telling them she went to check on the stranded toddler when a man with "orange hair and a bald spot" emerged from the woods and abducted her, as reported by CNN. Russell was purportedly transported from the trailer of an 18-wheeler to a car, which she managed to escape.

Surveillance footage showed Russell leaving her job around 8:20 p.m. with items, such as a bathrobe and toilet paper, hidden from view. Prior to placing a 911 call around 9:34 p.m., Russell went to a restaurant to pick up food and visited a Target to buy granola bars and Cheez-Its.

Police searched the vehicle that Russell abandoned when she went to check on the abandoned child and did not find the food purchased from Target or the items she took from her job.

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said in a news conference Wednesday that no one has reported a missing child and there has not been any evidence to support such an event. Police would like to speak with Russell again, but as of right now, police "have been unable to verify" much of her account.

"The family has stated to us that they didn’t think that in her mental state right now because of trauma of the incident, that she’s not ready to talk,” Derzis told reporters.

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