A Fight Over the Presidential Election Results in Man Attacking His Family With a Meat Cleaver

A man got so mad about Donald Trump's victory, he attacked his entire family with a meat cleaver.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event.

Image via Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event.

The results of the presidential elections have not only left the country divided, but apparently families too. A Brooklyn family's argument reportedly turned violent when one man, upset about Donald Trump's victory, stabbed four of his relatives with a meat  cleaver on Saturday. 

Maurice Braswell attacked his family members following an altercation he had with his brother Dwight in their Flatbush apartment, according to the NY Daily News. The man's mother, Yvonne Braswell, who witnessed the incident, claimed her two sons began arguing about why Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated when things turned violent.  "They're always in confrontation, they grew up like that, bickering," Braswell said of her two sons. "But it's been a long time since they went this far. Many, many years." And that's when their bickering turned from a war of words to Maurice grabbing a meat cleaver.

Other family members reportedly attempted to break up the fight, but Maurice was uncontrollable. The incident ended with Maurice allegedly slicing his mother, sister and nephew. Yvonne was treated with 17 stitches in her thumb, while both the sister and nephew's hands were deeply cut. As for Maurice's brother, Dwight was slashed in the head and hands, according to sources. Maurice is currently awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn's Supreme Court, NY Daily News reports. 

After this, Thanksgiving dinner as one, big happy family doesn't look too promising. But if you ask Yvonne, she still hopes the family can eventually agree to disagree. "It might be a little while, but I hope so," she said of having a family reunion. Next time they all get together, they should probably establish a "no politics" rule at the dinner table. 

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