Video Shows Lit Firework Being Thrown Into Convertible, Burning Driver

The incident was caught on video, showing a white Infiniti G37 pull up next to a stopped car, when someone throws an active firework into a convertible.

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A Nashville man suffered minor burns after a stranger in a passing car threw a lit firework into his top-down convertible on the Fourth of July, Fox 11 reports. The horrific incident was captured on video.

Colin Kirby said he was driving home from watching fireworks with his friends, when all of a sudden a live firework was tossed into his car while he was at a stoplight. Video footage captured by one of his friends shows a white Infiniti G37 pull up next to him, throw the firework, and then drive off before the light changes.

“The passenger in the back rolled down the window and chucked a firework at me,” Kirby told FOX Television. “It hit me on the back of the head.”

Kirby said that he tried to grab the firework before it could go off but burnt two of his fingers in the process. However, he is thankful that the firework didn’t land anywhere that could have done major damage.

“It could’ve landed in between us, burned our sides,” he said. “It could’ve landed in my lap. Tons of veins in your legs. I wouldn’t have been here.”

Kirby also wants the people who did this to be caught, especially considering the firework burned a hole in his convertible, costing him $3,000 to fix.

“I think they need to make an example out of them,” he continued. “I hate to say that, but I think they should… at least out of the driver and the person that threw it.”

Kirby and his family have started a GoFundMe page to pay for the car's damages.

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