Two Alleged Gang Associates Arrested After Trying to Smuggle Car Full of KFC Into Locked Down Auckland

Under Auckland’s Level 4 lockdown measure, which are the strictest in all of New Zealand, all restaurants are closed and residents must remain at home.


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Two New Zealand men were arrested earlier this week after attempting to transport a car full of Kentucky Fried Chicken, french fries, and 10 tubs of coleslaw across the Auckland border. Yes, you read that correctly.

Per Business Insider, local New Zealand police say that the two men, whom they refer to as “gang associates,” began driving erratically as the “vehicle did a U-turn and sped off trying to evade police.”

Once they were apprehended, police discovered the equivalent of $70,000 in New Zealand currency, empty ounce bags, and an exorbitant amount of fast food. By now, you might be thinking, “What made them that hungry?” Well, with the country ramping up its travel restrictions due to COVID-19, it has led to several people breaking the rules to get fast food.

Under Auckland’s Level 4 lockdown measure all restaurants are closed and residents must remain at home.

According to authorities, this is the second fast food-related crime that has taken place with the new restrictions. Another New Zealand man attempted to leave Auckland to get McDonalds and was fined after documenting his escapades on TikTok.

New Zealand police say that they are generally “pleased with the actions of the majority of people adhering to the Alert Level restrictions, but are disappointed by the small number of people who deliberately flout the rules.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern mirrored these sentiments in a news conference, saying that it’s up to the entire community to uphold the rules for life to go back to normal.

“Our success has been really based on the fact that people by and large have been compliant,” Ardern said. “However, there has been the odd person that has broken the rules and put others at risk.” 

Because the duo breached New Zealand’s Health Order, they’ll head to court where more charges are likely, CNN reports. If convicted, they could go to prison for up to six months.

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