19 Black Families Buy 90-Plus Acres for Georgia Safe Haven

19 Black families came together and bought nearly 97 acres of land to create Freedom, Georgia, a Black-owned town that they hope to grow into a city.

the freedom georgia

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the freedom georgia

Taking Black ownership to the next level, several Black families have banded together to purchase nearly 97 acres of unincorporated land in Georgia to create a safe haven for other Black families and Black people.  

The land, which is nestled near the town of Toomsboro that lies about 130 miles south of Atlanta, has been dubbed Freedom, Georgia, and the families who all put money in to purchase it are now hoping to make it into a city slowly but surely.

To be exact, Freedom, Georgia is meant to be a space where Black parents can raise their children without the fear of police brutality and violence that plague this nation, as explained to TMZ by the two Black women who kickstarted the Freedom Georgia initiative, Renee Walters and Ashley Scott. Once fully operational, the town will not exclude other groups of people from living there, but it will be pro-Black.

Recently, the town just held a large camping event this past Labor Day weekend that was geared to have the community enjoy "nature in all it's splendor along with music, local performing artists, yoga, workshops, vendors, and more!"

The Freedom Georgia initiative also has a GoFundMe set up in order to help them build the infrastructure for the town as they develop it. As of this writing, it has raised over $44,000 of its $88,000 goal.

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