Video Shows Man Jumping Feet First Through Open Car Window to Stop Erratic Driver

Klodian Elqeni jumped through an open window feet first to try and prevent a reckless driver from careening through a public square in Albania.

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A crazy video from the Albanian capital of Tirana shows a busted up car driving around erratically through a public square while pedestrians frantically try to get the driver behind the wheel to cut the shit. Shortly into said video (hint, hint up top) a good Samaritan jumps into the driver’s side window feet first, which is a pretty sweet move. That (bonkers?) idea works, and the crowd swarms the car from there. 

The incident happened on Sunday in the city’s Skanderbeg Square. 

Reports state that the 32-year-old driver was arrested. A police statement posted to Facebook says it’s believed he was on narcotics at the time. Nobody was hurt during the ordeal.

“A quantity of suspected cannabis was found and seized from this citizen,” says the statement. 

The driver had crashed into three vehicles prior to going through protective barriers that had been attempting (keyword here) to protect the square. 

Though you’ll forget his name in 10 seconds, Klodian Elqeni was identified as the guy who jumped through the window. Just remember what he did.

The BBC reports that Elqeni thought the driver may have been attempting to drive through the crowd as part of a terrorist attack. 

Skanderbeg Square is reported as the center of Tirana’s main plaza. At the time this went down several people were there for vaccinations. 

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