Tim Cook Reaps Benefits of Apple's Soaring Stock Value With $89 Million Bonus

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to receive almost $90 million in stock due to the company's soaring value.

tim cook apple

Image via Getty/Stephen Lam

tim cook apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to add $89.7 million to his already robust $785 million estimated net worth, as a result of a very strong showing of Apple stock. If you're pouring in 50-hour weeks making minimum wage at the bottom of the Apple ladder, or are cramped in a Silicon Valley apartment with five or six other roommates, we can understand you having mixed feelings about that.

As Mashable reports, Cook's incoming fortune won't actually come in the form of wheelbarrows of money dumped on his doorstep, but rather as 560,000 shares of Apple stock, which are valued at roughly $160.15 apiece. This monumental bonus is a result of Cook's compensation plan, which rewards him based upon how well Apple's stock does.

After starting around $115 in January, and dropping below $145 in June, the stock has since rebounded to its $160+ peak, which symbolizes a 39 percent rise thus far in 2017. Turns out all those iPhone leaks might have been good for business. Who'd have thought? Just wait until the device actually drops.

While it's natural to be partially envious and/or pissed—especially if you fall into one of those aforementioned categories in the first paragraph—you can rest slightly easier knowing that Cook plans to give almost the entirety of his wealth to charity after he croaks.

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