Woman Calls Police on Black Man After His Dog Humps Her Dog

One woman took offense to her dog being "aggressively humped" by Franklin Baxley's pet.

A dog walker and her clients navigate the double gate entry

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A dog walker and her clients navigate the double gate entry

Today, on another episode of Things White People Like More Than Minorites, a white woman once again proves that they don't like black people (or their pets) by calling the police on a black man and his dog.  

On Thursday, Feb. 28, a video surfaced of an Attleboro, MA man arguing with two white women at the dog park. From the dialogue in the clip, it appears that one woman took offense to her dog being "aggressively humped" by his pet. As a result, she did what anyone oozing with privilege would do. She promptly called the police on the man and his dog. 

The video began with a woman in the video who was not on the phone and has since been identified as park employee Carol Cobb Ferraro stating, "That's inappropriate for the dog park."

To this, Franklin Baxley tried to explain that this was perfectly normal behavior for animals. 

"No it's not. I've seen every single dog hump another dog here," Baxley replied.

But this didn't satisfy the "victim," who now goes by #DogParkDiane from phoning the authorities and telling the police Baxley "verbally harassed" her. 

Later in the video, #DogParkDiane tried to explain her actions and why she wanted him to leave the park. She claimed that—like Baxley—his dog was harassing her pet. She said that Baxley's animal kept "humping" and "assaulting" her dog.

Despite the obscurity of the recorded phone call, police were still dispatched to the park. But an Attleboro Police Sergeant said that no charges were filed against Baxley or his canine.

Yet, the lesson from this story is to be careful who you're racist toward. According to sources, Franklin Baxley is a former attorney. And although there are no reports on whether legal action will be taking against #DogParkDiane, Baxley let it be known that he firmly believes her actions were racially motivated.

"If I were not black, she would not have felt threatened by me talking to her and defying her orders for me to leave the park," Baxley told the Daily Mail. "I am a responsible dog owner, and my dog is super friendly. Anyone who goes to that park regularly knows me and will attest to that fact. ... The dogs were living their best lives the whole time."

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