This Pizza Box That Doubles as a Weed Pipe Will Make All Your Munchies Dreams Come True

Smoke up and then eat some pizza without waiting for delivery.

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Any seasoned stoner knows that pizza is one of the best foods for the munchies. Girl scout cookies are another classic stoner snack, which is why that girl scout who posted up outside a weed dispensary to sell them became a modern day munchies mogul. It seems like people are really catching on to the lucrative results of exploiting the munchies: a New York City designer has created a pizza box that doubles as a weed pipe. 

Nikolas Gregory is the 25-year-old designer who came up with the idea of the "Pizza Pipe" when he was—you guessed it—eating pizza, according to The New York Daily News. We don't know if Gregory was high when he came up with the idea, but this is one incredible highdea. 

The cardboard pizza box has small square that users rip off and roll into the weed-smoking device. The pizza stand in the center of the pizza that prevents the top of the box from coming in contact with the hot cheesy goodness functions as the bowl part of the pipe. 

While the cardboard pipe isn't the highest quality smoking device, it precludes the possibly aggravating search for something to smoke out of. Also, you'll already have the pizza in your hands if you choose to use the pipe, which means you won't have to wait impatiently for your pizza to be delivered as your munchies set in. 

There aren't any plans for production at the moment, but Gregory's invention could take off if the public responds favorably.

Most stoners already have something to smoke out of, so it seems like this idea will cater more to people who smoke once in a while and consequently crave pizza when they're stoned. 

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