PROMO: Four Loko Provided the Bodega Run of a Lifetime at ComplexCon

Between the energy of DJ Flosstradamus and the beverages consumed, Four Loko's ComplexCon 2018 activation wasn’t your average Bodega run.

What are bodegas for if not to supply you with the sustenance of sandwiches and refreshing tall boys? Now, add some music from Flosstradamus and you’ve found yourself at the Four Loko Bodega at ComplexCon.

Thousands showed up on Saturday afternoon for a chance to see the man behind “Original Don” and “Mosh Pit” perform his exclusive ComplexCon Mixtape, packed with remixes and captivating visuals that have become his High Def Youth signature style. Patient and lucky ComplexCon attendees snagged an opportunity to see the performance as Flosstradamus played for a very hyped crowd, while A-Trak, T-Pain, and Action Bronson took photos with fans and customized their own free limited-edition merch and exclusive prizes.

The fridges were stocked with Four Loko, and exclusive, limited-run patches paying homage to Flosstradamus and Four Loko along with pins by Pintrill were also available. ComplexCon attendees filtered in and out of the bodega throughout the day to pick up the essentials: snacks, gum and, of course, Four Loko Hi Def – the brand’s new limited-edition can, made in collaboration with Flosstradamus.

“It’s always great to see people’s reaction when they get some Four Loko and let loose in our event space. Curt [Cameruci] is awesome and always knows how to set it off for a Four Loko crowd like this,” said Jaisen Freeman, head of Four Loko. 

Between the energy of Flosstradamus and the Four Loko consumed, let’s just say this wasn’t your average Bodega run.

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