Man With Bionic Penis Confuses Everyone by Getting Reduction Surgery

Mohammed "Mo" Abad underwent reduction surgery for his bionic penis.

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A man who was surgically given a bionic penis has undergone surgery once again, this time to reduce the size of the member. 

Mohammed "Mo" Abad ​lost his penis as a 6-year-old after a car ran him over and dragged him, according to the Mirror. He famously lost his virginity this March at the age of 44 with the help of his bionic penis. Abad actually got the bionic member back in 2012 but didn't use it sexually until this year. 


After his big day, the Edinburgh security guard told the Mirror the sex was "great," saying, "I've been waiting for this day since I was 18. But now a big burden is off my back and I'm so happy."

Doctors were able to give Abad a penis made up of two rubber tubes fitted with skin taken from his arm. The bionic penis was also given the ability to become erect with a button that was installed. Abad could push a button on his testicle in order to inflate the tubes, thus creating the erection. and then push it again to reverse the effect.

Abad has since realized his eight-inch penis is a big problem. According to The Sun, Abad noted "his member was too large and meant sex was painful" Cosmopolitan reported. That led him to getting a three and a half hour surgery to reduce the size last weekend at University College London.

Though many would kill for Abad's "size problem," a study conducted by the University of Mexico and UCLA concluded that women's ideal penis size is actually smaller than Abad's eight inches.  The ideal penis size came in at 6.4 inches long and 5 inches around.

At least Abad wasn't suffering as much as this man with a 19-inch penis.

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