Size does matter to Mexico’s Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, the man with the world’s largest penis whose life has been made miserable because of it. The 52-year-old Cabrera told Mexican newspaper Vanguardia that his 19 inch penis—almost 10 inches in circumference—has ironically cockblocked him from having any romantic relationship. Besides basic issues like not finding underwear that fits him, Cabrera said that he can’t kneel down in church to pray (as his member reportedly reaches down to his ankle) and that he can’t work because people see his one-eyed monster and get scared, which is why he says he’s really poor. X-rays of Cabrera’s unit can be seen above for legitimacy, though skeptics believe it’s an extreme case of excess skin. 

Cabrera has come forward with his gigantic problem in an effort to win the Guinness World Record for biggest dong, except Guinness doesn’t recognize that category, yet. FYI, Brooklyn’s Jonah Falcon currently has the world’s largest penis at 13.5 inches. Now that’s a big apple banana. But Cabrera doesn’t want the world record for the fame, he says he wants it because he could use the prize money. Winning would allow him to be able to feed himself instead of having to rely on church soup kitchens and other forms of help. He speculates that with the money he’s awarded he could buy camera equipment to go into porn, filming himself and selling the tapes all over the world.

What can we say, he dreams big. Find out what Cabrera looks like in a news report below.

[via Uproxx]