Carjacker Mistakenly Leaves a Selfie on Victim’s Phone

A carjacker in Indiana accidentally took a selfie on his victim's phone before tossing it. The victim was later startled to see the image on her device.

Image of a carjacking taking place

Image via Getty/djedzura

Image of a carjacking taking place

A man who allegedly carjacked a woman in Indiana also apparently took a selfie on her phone.

WXIN reports that the carjacker seemed to have mistakenly taken the image when making off with the car in Indianapolis. Megan Whistler had taken her mother to visit a relative at an assisted living facility at around 10 a.m. on Monday and was waiting in the car when the man approached her vehicle. He was armed when he came up to the driver’s side window.

Whistler told the outlet that when he told her to “‘scoot over’,” she immediately thought he wanted her to get in the passenger’s seat. “I don’t know if he was up to something more sinister or if he wanted me to not make a scene and not scream, but I didn’t want to go anywhere with him,” she said. 

She ended up getting out of the car and handing him the keys. “And he just snatched my phone out of my hand, and he got in my car. And I literally just watched him,” she added.

Authorities ended up tracking Whistler’s phone to a location that was 15 minutes away. She thinks the carjacker tossed her phone out of the window because she was pinging, which made a noise and might have scared him. She believes it’s at that point when he grabbed the phone and accidentally took a selfie.

Whistler said, “I looked and was like, ‘Oh my God.’ That’s the person.” She continued, “I consider myself very lucky that I made it away with my life, and everything that he took was replaceable. Who’s to say the next time he does this it’s not the same outcome?”

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