Woman Allegedly Urinated in Middle of Verizon Store After Refusing to Wear Mask

Police in Roseville, California, say they arrested the woman at the scene, claiming they also found stolen items from a sporting goods store inside her vehicle.


Image via Getty/Robert Alexander


The aversion to coronavirus masks has been well documented over the last several months, as countless videos have shown tantrums and even physical altercations over the widespread safety policy. This week, one anti-masker California woman was asked to leave a Verizon store for refusing to wear a face covering. So she responded in a *totally rational* manner: She allegedly urinated in the middle of the store.

According to CBS Sacramento, the incident occurred this week at Galleria Boulevard in Roseville, where Verizon employees alerted police about three costumers who were asked to leave the store for not wearing masks. In 911 audio obtained by the outlet, you can hear a dispatcher telling officers about the incident, stating there was a female customer who was "refusing to leave, not wearing a mask … they’ve asked several times and she refuses."

Several minutes later, the dispatcher contacted the officers with a shocking update: "They’re calling back and advising that that female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business."

Police, who confirmed the incident to CBS Sacramento, said they arrested the woman after discovering her vehicle contained stolen merchandise from a nearby Dick's Sporting Goods. It's unclear what charges were filed against the suspect.

Verizon spokesperson Heidi Flato told the news station that the company requires all employees and customers to wear cloth face coverings at their retail locations. Flato also said the Roseville "incident wasn’t just about the company's mask policy but wouldn’t comment further about what happened."

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