Video Shows Coyote Attacking Toddler on Huntington Beach

Authorities say the incident took place at around 9:45 p.m. Thursday. The little girl was hospitalized with injuries, but is expected to survive.

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A toddler was hospitalized this week after she was attacked by a coyote in Southern California.

According the Orange County Register, the incident occurred at around 9:45 p.m. Thursday near the Huntington Beach Pier. Video shows the child, believed to be between 2 or 3, standing on the beach near two women and another child. Just seconds into the video, the little girl is seen taking a few steps behind one of the women, before the coyote approaches her and attacks. The animal remains on top of the child for about 10 seconds, before it runs away.

“There was, like, a coyote right around here, we saw it, and then all of the sudden it went in by this, like, family,” witness Garie Joncon told CBS News Los Angeles. “And there was, like, a kid on the ground. And then, like five minutes later, we walked back, whole crowd around a baby. Baby evidently got, like, bit, and there was just blood all over its face.”

The Huntington Beach Police Department confirmed the child was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Officers are now working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to find the coyote, which they will euthanize.

Huntington Beach officials said they shot two coyotes shortly after the attack. One of the animals was reportedly killed, while other disappeared into the wetlands.

“We were unable to shoot it again because of backdrop issues,” Lt. Thoby Archer told the Register. “We’re fairly certain we wounded it pretty good.”

Authorities said they do not believe the dead animal was responsible for the attack. They have asked the community to report any coyote sightings by calling 714-960-8811.


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