Miami 'Toxic Tush' Doctor Sentenced to 10 Years for Providing Lethal Butt Injections

Oneal Morris has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after she gave a fatal butt-enhancement injection to a woman.

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A Miami transgender woman, widely known as the “toxic tush” doctor, will serve the next decade behind bars for injecting toxic materials into women’s buttocks and ultimately killing a patient.

According to the New York Daily News, Oneal Ron Morris was sentenced to 10 years in a men’s prison Monday after pleading no contest to manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license. The prison sentence will be followed by five years of probation. Morris reportedly accepted the plea agreement because she feared she would not get a fair trial.

Morris, 36, made headlines in 2011 after she was accused of injecting substances like cement and tire sealant into the butts of women who couldn’t afford traditional cosmetic surgery. One of those women was Shatarka Nuby. The Daily News reports Nuby had started getting injections from Morris in 2007, and about five years later, died while serving time in prison. It was later revealed Nuby’s death resulted from complications related to the toxic injections.

Nuby’s aunt reportedly told police she had accompanied her niece to several appointments with Morris. The aunt claimed the fake doctor told them she was going to inject Nuby with silicone purchased from Home Depot.

Morris spoke in court Monday, insisting she would never use substances like sealant or cement when treating patients. In 2011, however, several women came forward claiming to have experienced health issues as a result of Morris’ butt injections. In 2013, a Miami-Dade County judge sentenced the “toxic tush” doctor to one year in prison for practicing healthcare without a license.

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