There's nothing more disappointing than seeing a chick walk around with false advertisement stuffed into her leggings. Sure, it's cool to ogle for a second, but the realization that the sturdy bottom-half was paid for instead of homegrown will bring a tear to the eye of the realest dude out there.

30-year-old transgender Miami Gardens woman Oneal Ron Morris is about to get bent over by the law and the Florida Department of Health for practicing medicine without a license. Morris was allegedly suppplying women in the area with butt injections, using a combination of  "cement, 'Fix a Flat', mineral oil and super glue." She would use the super glue again to seal her incisions instead of stitches, proving that a trip to Home Depot can make anyone an amateur cosmetic surgeon.

The trouble began for Morris when one of her "patients" showed up at a hospital in pain and full of chemicals. She probably spent more on hospital bills than the $700 she paid for the enhancements, so there's no way in hell they were worth the agony. Judging from Morris's arrest photos, it looks like she might have practiced on herself. Thickness is appreciated, but come on now. She's lucky that none of her guinea pigs died, otherwise it would've brought a new meaning to killer curves.

This has to be said: ladies, stop with the butt injections. If God or your mother didn't bless you with it, it's ok. You can at least tighten it up by jumping on a treadmill or doing some squats. You'll feel a lot better than you would after having everything under the sink injected into your ass.

[via Gawker and MSNBC]

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