English Couple Caught Having Sex on Car While a Third Man Tries to Get in on the Action

A shameless couple was filmed having sex on someone else's car, while a third man was seen putting his finger in the woman's mouth.

People are wild.

Earlier this month, an English man and woman caught on surveillance having sex outside…in broad daylight…on a car…that belonged to someone else. But just when you think the situation couldn’t get any crazier, a third person approaches the couple and watches, before he appears to stick his finger inside the woman’s mouth. The trio clearly didn’t give a damn about hygiene, but the owner of the vehicle sure did.

According to the Sun, Itchie Akhtar and his cousin witnessed it all go down at around 2 in the afternoon outside of an Asda supermarket. He told the publication he and his cousin witnessed the scene on CCTV footage, and were immediately shook. 

"We couldn't believe what we were seeing. They were so open about it. It was absolutely hilarious to watch, but my cousin was more concerned about his car getting dirty,” Akhtar said. “We saw this group of three people come into view on the CCTV and we actually thought they were going to damage the cars so that's why we were watching. We were all going crazy, laughing, shouting […] Anyone could have walked past but they didn't have a care in the world. This other guy was hanging around like a weirdo and when he put his finger in her mouth, we just lost it.”

Akhtar’s cousin, who owned the car, then went outside to scare the trio away. Though the property wasn’t damaged, Akhtar said the vehicle has since been washed. 

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