Activist DeRay Mckesson's Hacked Twitter Account Endorses Donald Trump (UPDATE)

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson's Twitter account was hacked to endorse Donald Trump, among other wild tweets.

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UPDATE: Deray Mckesson is back in control of his Twitter account, and has explained what happened this morning.

I was hacked today: my Twitter account, two email addresses, & my phone. It was not due to passwords, they hacked my phone account itself.

— deray (@deray) June 10, 2016

At 10:31 am, someone called @verizon impersonating me and successfully changed my SIM & unsuccessfully attempted to change my phone number.

— deray (@deray) June 10, 2016

By calling @verizon and successfully changing my phone's SIM, the hacker bypassed two-factor verification which I have on all accounts.

— deray (@deray) June 10, 2016

No, I do not endorse Trump as the next President. He cannot be the President of the United States. He is racist & a bigot, unfit to lead.

— deray (@deray) June 10, 2016

See original story below.

It seems like no one is safe from hackers on Twitter. Even the co-founder of Twitter himself was hacked earlier this week. This morning, activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson joined that list of prominent people who've had their accounts hacked recently.

Mckesson, who gained attention as a leader in the Ferguson and Baltimore protests before really shining in front of a larger audience when he schooled Stephen Colbert on white privilege, is extremely active on Twitter, but people were scratching their heads when these tweets started showing up on his account. 

Endorsing Donald Trump...

Shouting out George Zimmerman's brother Robert Zimmerman...

Shouting out this guy...

And this...

The tweets were deleted shortly after they appeared. Somewhat ironically, Mckesson loves Twitter so much that he made an appearance just last week with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to discuss the platform and its importance to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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