Meet the Guy Who Made That Viral Spider-Man-in-Timbs Video

We caught up with breakdancing Spider-Man to learn more about the man behind the mask.

If you've had access to the internet at any point in the last week, you likely stumbled across the highly viral (and wildly entertaining) video captioned, "If Spider-Man was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York." Sporting a Yankees baseball hat, Timbs, and a full-body Spidey suit, the video's star was captured flipping on and off urban ledges and breakdancing to the beat of the classic Spider-Man tune. B-boying Spider-Man became everyone's favorite meme and the video on his personal account had amassed an impressive 25,000 views by press time. With Homecoming on the horizon, what better timing for a topical viral video?

Guy had us wondering who was behind the mask, so we did the legwork to catch up with Brooklyn's Peter Parker (OG Parker is from Queens, but he's got nothing on this guy). Turns out, our guy's a veteran dancer who's been making videos for a minute now under the stage name Bboy Tata (you can check out more of those here). But after the success of his most recent video, we can definitely expect more from the overnight sensation. We caught up with Tata about the method behind the mask.

How long have you been dancing?
I’ve been dancing professionally for about 5 years. But in total, around 11 years. 

And you said that you travel a lot and you teach, too?
Yeah, I travel to a lot of countries, a lot of different states, teaching kids, judging competitions, participating in gigs.

What are some of your gigs? Have you worked with anyone we would know about?
Yeah, I’m actually working with Big Daddy Kane at the moment. I just performed with him in Charlotte this past weekend. I've just been on tour with him for the past month.

Let’s talk about this video you made, the Spider-Man video. It went super viral, and people recognized your style. But why Spider-Man?
I usually record myself practicing and stuff like that. I just upload videos like every other day to Facebook and to my Instagram and I get good feedback. And I just thought to myself, "What’s something that I can upload to make my audiences go crazy? Something funny? Who flips? Who’s acrobatic?" I thought of Spider-Man. So I said, if I get a Spider-Man suit with the talent I have, it would go together perfectly.

So I just bought the suit [at Party City]. Then I hit up my friend and was like, "Do you mind recording me with the suit on?" I uploaded it and it just went viral. I didn’t expect it to go to that extent.

Are you still fucking with your Spidey Suit? Are we going to see Batman next? Are you going to go full Justice League on our shit or what?
I would like to leave it as a surprise, but that suit went viral so I know I can get a bunch of other characters that’s behind me and get the same suit on. And I’ll keep the same suit because that energy’s dope. I can do something way crazier, something more creative. And people are going to be like, “oh he’s crazy for this one.” So I have a bunch of ideas I can put out there. I have a brother that also dances, and I have family that dances, and I have friends. I was thinking about having them put a suit on.

So we’re going to see a recurring cast in your videos?
And more moves—some funnier than the last video. And basically you’re going to see something way more creative and entertaining.

You’re traveling right now, so when can we expect to check the ‘gram and see the next video?
I’m thinking about bringing the suit the on my trip with me—bringing it to my competition and surprising people. I’m going to Texas for a week, to train. I got signed by Monster and I’m working with about 8 people, so we’re going to try to put that in our act.

One more question: Why the Timbs?
I wanted to be a bit different. I really wanted to stand out. And I knew with the Timbs, a lot of people would be amazed by the fact that I'm doing outrageous tricks with them on. [Ed note: Same.]

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