Donald Trump Supporter Picks Nose, Eats Booger on Live Television

He celebrated Donald Trump's NH primary win with a victory of his own.

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Donald Trump supporters have more than a few sus expectations for their presidential candidate, not the least of which include burning people alive, building an exorbitantly expensive wall to limit undocumented immigration, and banning Muslims from entering America. Trump's supporters know what they want and they're not afraid to share it with the world, even if that means bearing their souls for all to see on the national stage that is live television. Behold, the every man of Trump supporters: the impassioned booger-eater.

During a rally last night at Donald Trump's campaign headquarters following his victory at the New Hampshire primary, a supporter of the presidential hopeful was caught diggin' for gold on live television. It was a situation so odd—very rare booger-eater caught in the wild, etc.—that the man who taped the act had a difficult time holding back the (admittedly super gross) commentary. I don't want to ruin the rewarding experience of watching a Trump supporter eat his own boogers in the same way a toddler might, so check out the clip for yourself below.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: avoid whatever disgusting shit you normally do in the privacy of your own home while at a widely televised public event.

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