Here Are Teens' Favorite Slang Phrases, According to a Scientifically Sus Survey of 682 Simp Parents

Preply's 2023 report surveyed parents with children between the ages of 12 and 18.

Maskot / Getty Images/Maskot

Online learning platform Preply released its 2023 report of the most popular slang words of the year.

The report, which surveyed 682 parents with kids between the ages of 12 and 18, ranked the top 10 slang words of 2023 as follows: sus, bet, yeet, salty, cap, extra, bussin', bougie, sheesh, and drip.

According to Preply, the 10 slang words parents were most familiar with are salty (70 percent), bougie (67 percent), sus (65 percent), bet (63 percent), extra (62 percent), cap (57 percent), finna (56 percent), shook (54 percent), simp (53 percent), yeet (52 percent).

On the flip side, Preply determined that DTP (4 percent), pushin' P (8 percent), and cheugy (9 percent) were the three words parents were most unfamiliar with.

Meanwhile, the most common slang terms used by parents are sus (29 percent), salty (25 percent), bet (25 percent), extra (23 percent), and bougie (22 percent). In addition, only 2 percent of parents knew every word listed in Preply's top 32, while three in five parents said they try to keep up with popular slang in an effort to communicate better with their teens.

"Our hope is that this study can help parents not only keep up with the terms their kids are using but to also help the three in five parents who say they try to keep up with slang to better connect with their teen," Preply wrote in its report, which includes helpful/hilarious graphics like this:

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