Man Gets Chip Implanted in Arm to Unlock Tesla

A Detroit man is making headlines after he got a chip implanted in his arm in order to unlock his Tesla without needing to have car keys on him.

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A Detroit man doesn’t need a key to drive his car after having a chip implanted in his arm that has the power to unlock his Tesla, CNN reports.

Brandon Dalaly, a tech-enthusiast from metro Detroit, is making headlines due to his ability to unlock his car with the wave of his hand. He spoke to Fox 2 Detroit about deciding to have the chip implanted. 

“You can’t lose your hand, so you’ll always have a way of getting in your car,” he told the news outlet. 

Along with doubling as a key to his Tesla, Dalaly’s chip has the ability to unlock the doors of his home, while also storing his contact and medical information, including his COVID-19 vaccination card.

“So after that was inserted and the swelling went down, I’m able to open up the front and back door of my house,” he explained. “I can walk up to people and have them tap their phone to my hand and instantly transfer my contact information in my portfolio, my Covid vaccine card.”

“The chips themselves are around $200 to $300 and the install is only about $100 because you can go to a local piercing shop who will agree to do the installation,” he continued. “All the programming and coding putting the apps on the chips – that’s all done by me.

Dalaly recently took to Instagram to show off his chips, writing, “Chip implant number 2 installed. Don’t watch video unless you like seeing big rods shoved in to hands… And no not like that. Right now this is my Tesla key and in the future will be my credit card for tap to pay.”

Watch Dalaly explain his chip-based car keys in the video above.

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