Man Arrested on DUI Charges in Arizona Was Driving With an Owl in His Car

The Payton Police Department in Arizona found quite a surprise after pulling over a man on DUI charges this week, as they discovered a live owl riding shotgun.

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Police in Arizona found quite the surprise after pulling over a man on DUI charges this week.

CBS 11 reports the Payson Police Department discovered a live owl riding shotgun in a car being driven by a man suspected of DUI charges. According to police, the driver claimed he illegally bought the owl for $100 from a person at a gas station. The gas station attendant told him they’d found the owl on the side of the road.

“Wildlife should remain wild,” the department said on Facebook. “It is illegal to possess, transport, buy, or sell wildlife unless expressly permitted by Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS 17-309).”

“The Payson Police Department would also like to take this opportunity to encourage the public not to use methamphetamine or you too may find yourself illegally purchasing a wild owl, for $100, in the middle of the night, from strangers, at a local gas station,” the department added.

The unidentified man was charged with aggravated DUI, possession of methamphetamine, and possession/transport/purchase of wildlife.

Meanwhile, the owl is currently under the care of Arizona Game and Fish, which is treating the animal for minor injuries.

“We think she got knocked around or jostled somehow in that tumultuous night she had,” said Liberty Wildlife’s Wildlife Biologist, Laura Hackett. “The officer handled it like a pro, so he has a good story to take home to his family.”

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