Arizona Restaurant Owner Offers to Pay College Tuition for Employees Who Return to Work

Skyler Reeves, the founder of Vivili Hospitality Group, and owner of five restaurants in Prescott, Arizona, is offering to pay college tuition for employees.

An Arizona restaurant owner is offering to pay college tuition for full-time employees who return to work, ABC 15reports

Skyler Reeves, the founder of Vivili Hospitality Group, and owner of five restaurants in Prescott, Arizona (Hawk & Hound, La Planchada, The County Seat, Taco Don’s, Rosa’s Pizzeria and Barley Hound) will offer full-time employees 100% tuition reimbursement through Yavapai College, a community college in Prescott, which is about two hours north of Phoenix.

Reeves is hoping his new incentive will attract more to work for Vivili Hospitality. 

“[One of our restaurants] might hire 30-50 people and right now we’re posting a job and we might get one person to show up or not show up,” Reeves told ABC 15. “Or five people apply and zero show up.”

An Arizona restaurant owner is offering to pay college tuition for full-time employees who will come back to work

— CNN (@CNN) May 8, 2021

“You go get a job because you want to get paid,” Reeves continued. “You want a paycheck, you want something that’s going to better your life in maybe more ways than one. Maybe you don’t want to be a server or a cook for the rest of your life but you’re going to do it while you’re in college and we can make that a better situation for the employees.”

Reeves hopes the tuition reimbursement program will be advantageous for both his employees, their futures, and his company.

“I think some of those folks will find their path with our company for many years,” he said. “But the folks that are here for a year, two years, or three years, I just hope all those people see that we’re making an effort to reinvest in them and, hopefully, they see some value in that.”

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