6 Dead After Accident Between Tour Bus and Freight Truck in Upstate New York

Six people died and three others were injured in a crash involving an express bus and a freight truck in upstate New York on Saturday morning.

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Six people are dead and three others injured after a crash between a tour bus and freight truck in upstate New York.

CNN reports the accident took place around 6:00 a.m. on State Highway 37 in Louisville, a small town on the US-Canada border, when both vehicles collided into one another. It’s not yet known which vehicle crashed into the other. State Police said the accident left one person in critical condition and two others seriously injured. The injured were transported to Massena Memorial, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, and Claxton Hepburn Medical Center.

Officials described the crash site as “gruesome,” TV station WWNY reported.

“The facts about the cause of this accident are unknown at this time,” spokesperson Randolph P. Ryerson for Penske, the rental company of the truck involved in the accident, told CNN in a statement.

“We do not yet have specific information about the rental vehicle involved or information about who was driving the rental vehicle at the time of the incident,” Ryerson added.

It is unknown how many people were on board the tour bus when the crash took place, though State Police confirmed the bus held as many as 15 people. It’s also unclear where the tour bus was headed. Additionally, the highway was shut down for traffic for 12 hours following the incident.

Police have yet to identify the victims. 

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