Wild Footage Shows Man Almost Get Obliterated by Out-of-Control Car While Checking the Mail

"You get racers, you just get a lot of fast cars out here, you play 'Frogger.' That's all you do," said Fresno's Ruben Almaraz, who's lucky to be alive.

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Fresno, California resident Ruben Almaraz is lucky to be alive after he narrowly dodged an out-of-control car that got into a collision at the intersection just outside of his home.

In an insane video captured by home security cameras, Almaraz was seen checking his mail when he spotted two cars crashing into one another at the intersection nearby. Per KFSN, one of the vehicles involved in the crash came hurtling toward him as he was going through his mailbox. Luckily, the sound of the crash alerted him and he was able to just about dodge it as it came flying toward him at top speed.

"I can't say what I was thinking, but to lighten it up, I was like, 'Oh shoot' and 'oh, get out of the way.' Honest to God, truth, I thought it was going to hit me," he said. Almaraz noted that he frequently sees crashes at the intersection, many of which he's been able to capture on his security camera. "Just a few weeks ago, a guy ran into the other building right behind me," he added.

Almaraz said he's seen as many as two to three crashes there per month, including one that was fatal for one person involved. "These guys aren't going 40. They don't go 40," he said. "It's a 40 mph [zone], and people come up to about 80. You get racers, you just get a lot of fast cars out here, you play Frogger. That's all you do. The kids are playing Frogger out here."

He reached out to a local city council member, Luis Chavez, who has since agreed that the intersection needs better signage, whether that's a traffic light or a stop sign, especially because there's an elementary and middle school on the same street. "A stop sign would be my inclination initially to make sure we at least slow traffic down there. And then begin the traffic analysis for an actual signal light for folks to be able to cross," Chavez told KFSN.

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