Oklahoma Woman Arrested After Commenting On Her Own Wanted Poster

A woman in Tulsa was arrested after she commented asking about reward money on her own wanted poster, which was posted on Facebook by local police.


Image via Getty/MattGush


Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma have arrested a suspect on the state’s “Most Wanted” list after she commented asking about reward money on her own wanted poster, per the New York Post.

On Wednesday, July 14, the Tulsa Police Department shared a wanted poster for Lorraine Graves, who was wanted on accessory to murder charges in the murder of Eric Graves earlier this year. Shortly after the poster was shared on Facebook, Graves popped up in the comments herself. “Where’s the reward money at?” she asked, as the Tulsa PD noted alongside screenshots of her comment.

By Thursday, Graves was arrested in Tulsa and charged with accessory to murder. Her bond is currently set at $500,000, “This is an arrest, not a conviction,” Tulsa police said in a statement.

When Lorraine Graves shared her comment, she was quickly met with bewildered replies from other Facebook users. “Giiiiirl you better stay off social media they can track you,” wrote one commentator. “Ain’t gonna be as funny when you get processed,” another added. The original Facebook post asking for information related to Graves’ whereabouts has since gotten over 1,000 comments.

As KTUL reported back in March, 30-year-old Eric Graves was found shot dead alongside another unnamed victim. It is not clear how, if at all, Eric and Lorraine are related. Suspects Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hobson have already been charged with murder in the shooting.


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