Fake Picture of Mark Zuckerberg With Beard Is Freaking People Out

A fake photo of the Meta CEO went viral after he sported a chain in a video updating his followers on the company's AI.

Man in tie and jacket with neutral expression facing forward
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds via Getty Images
Man in tie and jacket with neutral expression facing forward

A fake picture of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is causing quite a stir on social media.

In a video posted on Instagram on Thursday, April 18, Zuckerberg was seen sporting a thin chain while he updated his followers on the newest version of Meta's AI assistant. "We're making Meta AI easier to use by integrating it into the search boxes at the top of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger," he explained. "We also built a website, meta.ai, for you to use on web."

Unfortunately for Zuck, the announcement of the new version of Meta AI is getting overshadowed by an edited picture of him, which adds facial hair to match the 39-year-old's metal chain.

A fake image of Mark Zuckerberg with facial hair is going viral. pic.twitter.com/55pa7MVvPx

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @PopCrave

The photo is obviously not real, but it was met with everything from thirst tweets to people comparing the picture to their uncles. While he does look noticeably less alien-like with a beard, he's still the guy who wanted to steal you and your MAGA auntie's data. Regardless, people think it's a good look for him, and the trending nature of the image ultimately highlights what AI will really be used for instead of whatever Zuck has planned.

WHO IS HITTING BILLIONAIRES WITH THE DOMINICAN RAY? https://t.co/cGp19pxT09 pic.twitter.com/il1jSzjGqN

— IBO DA INTERNAUT🧑🏾‍🚀 (@imblackonline) April 18, 2024
Twitter: @imblackonline

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— demigod daiku (@daddysenpai222u) April 18, 2024
Twitter: @daddysenpai222u

Boy look like Klay Thompson https://t.co/19fyg8b1FG

— ABASSI DUBIAKU (@veeveeveeveevee) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @veeveeveeveevee

y’all would fuck a chevy equinox if you slapped a beard on it and painted it beige https://t.co/T2TNKALyFH

— 5hahem aka Dr. Durag (@shaTIRED) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @shaTIRED

Zuck with a beard would become World Emperor in months, if not weeks pic.twitter.com/3BU0z0n9dr

— Armand Domalewski (@ArmandDoma) April 18, 2024
Twitter: @ArmandDoma

Me: Bearded Zuck you have to stop. Your smoked meat's too tough. Your swag too different. Your open source LLM is too bad. they'll kill you

Bearded Zuck: pic.twitter.com/pdKwMUmpKS

— Mike Rundle (@flyosity) April 18, 2024
Twitter: @flyosity

why is this meme from 2 years ago coming true https://t.co/LRahFGDsPn pic.twitter.com/zwAWNnZiRa

— manny404 (@mannynotfound) April 18, 2024
Twitter: @mannynotfound

from mr. steal your data to mr. steal your girl pic.twitter.com/kLp8xsrCWs

— big content guy (@bigcontentguy) April 18, 2024
Twitter: @bigcontentguy

it’s crazy how much a beard can change a man’s life pic.twitter.com/2GmStpOD0O

— juju 💰 (@ayeejuju) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @ayeejuju

The AI version looks like Lil Dicky https://t.co/e9HkGDSB1T

— William Goodman (@goodmanw) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @goodmanw

He creole! I got an uncle that look just like this! https://t.co/0JffVYmWcU

— Lex P🪬 (@LexP__) April 19, 2024
Twitter: @LexP__

Zuck ended up in the Shade Room's comments section, wondering, "Okay who did this?"

A screenshot of a social media comment by a user named 'zuck' with the text "Okay who did this?" and a like count

Before people got tricked into thinking Mark Zuckerberg might be a relatable human being, the Facebook founder had another viral moment last year when he and Space X founder Elon Musk suggested they would engage in an MMA fight in Rome. It never happened, and Zuck has since moved on.

"I think we can all agree Elon isn't serious and it's time to move on," Zuckerberg wrote on Threads last year. "I offered a real date. Dana White offered to make this a legit competition for charity. Elon won't confirm a date, then says he needs surgery, and now asks to do a practice round in my backyard instead."

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