An ‘Apple Car’ Was Designed by Company Saying It Specifically Used Tech Giant’s New Patents

Using what it claims are patents recently filed by Apple, Vanarama "created a vision" for the rumored "Apple Car," with plenty of slick, futuristic features.

Apple Car concept design by Vanarama

Image via Twitter

Apple Car concept design by Vanarama

While the “Apple Car” has only been an idea floating in the cloud for some time, a company has decided to take matters into its own hands.

Using what it claims are patents recently filed by Apple Inc., Vanarama—a company that describes itself as the No. 1 vehicle leasing specialists in the UK—has “created a vision” of the rumored Apple Car, and it’s safe to say fans of the tech giant will get a kick out of it.

Leasing company @Vanarama created digital renderings of the secretive Apple Car based off of patents filed by Apple.

Looks good, but putting Siri on the steering wheel would cause road rage incidents to skyrocket.

— Morning Brew ☕️ (@MorningBrew) November 10, 2021

The design—seemingly inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck—comes complete with a frosted white finish, iPhone-inspired door handles, adaptive doors, SUV coupe styling, a pillarless structure, and plenty more features on the inside. Overall it looks as sleek as just about any other Apple product. 

“Using genuine patents filed by Apple Inc., we’ve created a vision of the anticipated Apple Car and how it might look on launch,” Vanarama shared. “Click below to explore the car inside and out, with details on the real-life patents that went into the concept.”

As the Next Web reports, the company has used patents such as US10309132B1, which could lead to a revamped pillarless vehicle structure, and a customizable seat layout that US10384519B1 allows, to inspire the totally Apple-esque ride.

The interactive 3D model even shows off a Siri-connected steering wheel and touch-screen dash, making things feel futuristic and realistic at once. 

Last December Reuters reported the company is looking into autonomous vehicles. While we may not get a vehicle from the trendsetters at Apple any time soon, at least fans now have someting to stare at.

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