Judge Declares Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Incompetent for Trial

Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear was declared incompetent to stand trial and will be reevaluated in August.

Image via Colorado Springs Police

The shooter who confessed to killing three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo. Nov. 27 has been deemed not competent to stand trial. Judge Gilbert Martinez ruled Wednesday that Robert Dear, 57, will first need to undergo psychiatric therapy, the Associated Press reported. His case will be put on hold until treatment restores his ability to understand his circumstances and participate in his defense. He is currently facing 179 counts of murder and attempted murder. Dear also shot and wounded nine people. 

Two psychologists said Dear suffered from delusion disorder. He has said he believes the FBI is persecuting him. As officers led him out of the courtroom, Dear shouted at the Judge, "That's called prejudiced! Prejudiced! Filthy animal!"

Martinez first ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Dear in December after he attempted to fire his defense lawyers. Prosecutors have insisted he is competent enough to stand trial because he understands what is happening in the courtroom. A second evaluation in August will determine whether Dear's proceedings can continue. 

Dear will undergo treatment at Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo. In addition to therapy, he could be forced to take medication. Steven Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist not involved in Dear's case, told the AP most defendants ruled incompetent are eventually restored to competency through therapy.

Dear himself has admitted his guilt, saying he was involved in a war. "[The victims] were there where the babies were being killed. You go to a war zone. That's what happens," he said over the phone in February to KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs.

During that same conversation, he testified to his own competency. "Listen to me. Do I sound incompetent?  I'm a college graduate. I could out-debate any of them. I know who the secretary of state is: Kerry. Who's the head of Germany: Merkel. Who's the head of the Congress: Ryan. I'm ingenious compared to them."

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