Donald Trump Delivered His State of the Union Address and People Had Jokes

Stacey Abrams delivered the Democratic Party's response.

state of the union

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state of the union

Donald Trump's second State of the Union —and his first time presenting to a divided legislature— was bound to garner some huge reactions from within the chambers of Congress. It delivered on that front, with stand-out moments from congresswomen paying tribute to the suffragettes and tailgate-recalling chants of "USA!"

Outside of Washington, DC, the reaction was even louder and more boisterous. While plenty of advocacy groups and political news sites were quick to point out Trump lies and pushed back on his statements about hot-button topics like abortion and immigration, the rest of the viewing public who sat through this incredibly long address had jokes. 

Viewers grabbed onto everything from Ted Cruz's haunted beard to Nancy Pelosi's incredible clapping at Trump, churning it up and turning it into meme fodder. 

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